K-Falls Essentials Lavender Farm

We are a local lavender farm in beautiful Klamath Falls, Oregon. With a spectacular view of Klamath Lake and Mount Shasta, the lavender farm is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit right of Highway 97 Crater Lake Parkway.

Cliff and Diana Warrick traveled the world during their respective careers. Cliff as a United States Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant. And, wife Diana as an international event planner, and former massage therapist who centered on aromatherapy services.

We produce chemical free/preservative free products and crafts using the farm’s organically grown lavender and herbs. We participate in the local Farmers Market, fairs, festivals, and events within the community. We also sell at the Edible Earth and Keeper’s Corner stores in Klamath Falls.

You can reach us at kfallsessentials@gmail.com or 541.887.2355

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    October 21, 2020

    We are not yet open to the public, however are planning for a Grand Opening July 2021. Follow us on facebook kfallsessentialslavenderfarm for news and announcements!

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