Wisteria Acres, LLC


In the spring of 2012 we started a small lavender farm on our property in Boring, Oregon. Wisteria Acres has provided the opportunity to be outside, learn a new trade and fulfill a lifelong desire to “farm”! That said, it’s also created the need to actually do something with our sweet smelling harvest. Currently three varieties of lavender are grown at our farm; Grosso, which is very fragrant and great for crafting and two outstanding culinary varieties that are used in my dried herb blends. In our Etsy store you will find lovely lavender filled sachets and pillows, lavender wands and culinary herb mixtures. I hope you will check out the Facebook page for Wisteria Acres; where you will find suggestions for the use of lavender, both fresh and dried as well as recipes, crafts and more. ¬†Although our farm is not open to the public, we do sell fresh cut lavender bouquets in season at our self-serve farm stand.